ChronoCopia Publishing :: About Us


Who we are

ChronoCopia Publishing, or just CCP, is a Swedish company owned by the three nerds Daniel, Helena and Rikard. With backgrounds in Archaeology, Biology, Art, Theater, Reenactment and Nordic Larp, our books will range from archaeological and historical non-fiction to what we affectionately call fictive non-fiction. 


Our mission

Our aim is to publish books outside the mainstream area with a focus on the more odd and unusual books, often with an academic twist. History, archaeology, and even steam punk. All kind of books with an educational and entertaining content. Well researched books aiming to become classics in their respective fields.

Being aware that nerds and geek like us are rather international we publish our works mainly in English. We have so far focused on nordic authors producing material suitable for an international audience.

We cover a broad spectrum of distribution channels but our speciality is museums, specialized book stores and Amazon in Europe and North America.

We can help you reach the large audience your book deserves.