ChronoCopia Publishing :: Retailers of Dr Cagliostro’s Cabinet of Curiosities - Investigations of the unknown. Vol III.

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In Sweden:

Alphaspel -                 Roleplaying game shop in Sweden

Comics Heaven .          Comicv bookstore in central Stockholm

Hallwylska Museet -     Beautiful museum in Stockholm currently displaying an exhibition on the

                                  occult and supernatural in the early 1900's

HobbyShopen -            Shop for roleplaying games in Gävle

Handelsgillet -             Webshop, based in Sweden, but ships to the whole world

Historiska Kompaniet - Brick & Mortar shop for anything 19th century in Linköping

SF-bokhandeln  -         Webshop and brick & mortar shop in Stockholm, Göteborg & Malmö

                                  Available in all shops

Trollcraft -                    Reenactment retailer who sells at markets, currently at the event

                                  "Medieval christmas in Liseberg"

In the rest of Europe:
Fantask -                    Danish bookshop for fantasy, science fiction, comics and roleplaying books

Lebanon Circle             One of the best shops for magical props -           Buy the book online