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Reviews and other coverage of "An Early Meal" and its authors.



In media:


Vetenskapsradion                    Swedish Radio - the Science magazine summer special (In Swedish)

BBC History - Sweden             In nr 6, 2013 in the Swedish edition (In Swedish)

Medieval Histories                   Online magazine on medieval history

The Exarc Journal                  By the the writer of the culinary history blog The Silk Road Gourmet 



In blogs:


Vrangtante Brun                        Norwegian foodblog (in English) by a wellresearched culinary reenactor

Anglosaxon10thcenturyeating     Blog from a serious reenactors perspective                        From a site that gathers and writes articles on everything medieval

Table Scraps                            Historic food blog





Other appearances in media and on the internet:


On radio:

Short interview with Daniel Serra                                  Morningradio P4 (In Swedish)

Interview with Hanna Tunberg                                       Lunch radio P4 (In Swedish)

Older interview with Daniel Serra on Viking Age Food    Science radio Sweden (In Swedish)


On Youtube:

Daniel giving a brief account of his experiments in Lofoten   Lofotr Museum Youtube -Channel

Cooking pit trials with Hanna and Daniel                            Lund University Channel


In the press: