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With One Needle - How to Nålbind



by Mervi Pasanen

Nålbinding is an ancient method of creating textiles with a needle and yarn. Rows of stitches are made with a big, blunt, large-eyed needle, resulting in a firm fabric with a lively surface.

Nålbinding technique dates back thousands of years, but it still has many contemporary uses. This book teaches you several Finnish Iron Age and medieval stitches and gives you a wide selection of instructions to mittens, socks, hats and scarves.

Mervi Pasanen is a Finnish journalist, crafts specialist and an expert in ancient and medieval handicraft techniques.


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With One Needle - How to Nålbind

With One Needle is a perfect book for anyone interested in nålbindning. For the beginner it offers clear and easy to follow instruction on how to start with this ancient craft. For the already accomplished nålbinder, the book will provide lots of inspiration, some new ideas and some insights into Finnish nålbinding traditions.

The patterns in the book range from items based on finds from the Finnish Iron Age and Scandinavian Viking age to new patterns and ideas based on the ancient techniques.  The book contains 10 different stiches, mainly focusing on the Finnish stiches as well as 23 different patterns. Both the patterns and the stitches are well illustrated, so they make a good starting point for the beginner. The book contains both a background to the history about nalbinding and both modern and historical patterns.

The book is a great addition to the library of anyone interested in textile crafts, historical crafts, DIY’s or with an interest in Finnish and Viking age history.


Language: English

136 pages, 23 patterns and several basic techniques,

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