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CCP ENG clothing handbook M-1450 COVER v02 220px.jpgHistorical Clothing From the Inside Out- the Handbook Series

Historical Clothing From the Inside Out is a series of richly illustrated handbooks

The series will present a detailed view of clothes from different historical eras – from the early bronze age to our modern history. In each book we will make an in-depth presentation on the clothes worn, from underwear to accessories and outer clothing.

The books will also give an understanding on the fashion of the time and that influenced the general idiom and profile on what one was wearing.
The handbook includes a wealth of modern illustrations, period artwork and photos of reconstructions and finds. In short, it is a must-have for anyone looking to create their own historical wardrobe.

An-Early-Meal-cover-220.jpgAn Early Meal – a Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey
Daniel Serra & Hanna Tunberg
This is more than just a Viking Age cookbook. It is a combination of a textbook on Viking Age culinary practices and mouthwatering recipes based on archaeological finds and experimental archaeology.

Dr-Cagliostro-framsida_220.jpgDr. Cagliostro´s Cabinet of Curiosities – Investigations of the Unknown, Vol. III
Oskar Hejll
Dr Cagliostro’s Cabinet of Curiosities has gathered an extraordinary collection that included both banned books on black magick and horrifying objects that whispers of an unknown world, far beyond reason and science. The collection is still growing, and Dr Cagliostro’s Cabinet of Curiosities has been called one of the best occult museums in Europe.

Nalbinding-easiest-guide-art-craft-Nusse-Mellgren.jpgNålbindning – the easiest, clearest ever guide!
Nusse Mellgren
This Booklet is really the easiest clearest guide, and is the perfect introduction to the ancient craft of nalbinding. The book has over 50 illustrations and all instructions are written in both English and Swedish.

framsida-herr_220.jpgHistorisk dräkt – inifrån och ut: Handboksserien

I vår handboksserie “Historisk dräkt – inifrån och ut” skildras klädesdräkten genom historien i detalj uppdelat på såväl mans som kvinnodräkter. Från kroppsnära underkläder till allt det som går utanpå – hattar, accessoarer, frisyrer etc. I boken läggs mycket vikt vid hur kläderna var skurna samt hur de fungerade ihop – dess profil.

Alla delar av boken är rikligt illustrerade med historiska målningar som avbildar helheten med samtida ögon, bilder av moderna rekonstruktioner samt Anna Emanuelssons tydliga och pedagogiska illustrationer.