Nålbindning – the easiest, clearest ever guide!

Nålbindning – the easiest, clearest ever guide!
by Nusse Mellgren
This Booklet is really the easiest clearest guide, and is the perfect introduction to the ancient craft of nalbinding. The book has over 50 illustrations and all instructions are written in both English and Swedish.

Nålbinding is a very old technique for creating items of clothing and other textiles using a single needle and thread. It was laregely superceded by knitting and crochet, but has survived because of its amazing qualities when it comes to warmth and durability. Nålbinding can be dated back to the at least the Viking Age in Scandinavia, but some finds may date back even further on the continent. In this booklet you will be shown step by step instruction on simple nålbinding techniques. It is designed to be used while holding the needle and thread in your hand and following the instructions one step at a time.

In this, the expanded third edition of Nålbindning, you will find:
* Clear instructions and photos you can easily follow
*Two different techniques, one from a medieval find in Lund, Sweden and one from Viking Age finds in Mammen, Denmark
*Patterns and instruction on how to make wristwarmers, socks and sweater

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